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The ride covers a choice of 9 or 12 miles across scenic countryside, farmland and bridleways, starting and finishing at Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre. There is a small amount of road work including a motorway bridge crossing. There will be marshals sited here to aid and support in the safe crossing of all horses and riders. The course is well marked with directional arrows.

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To keep up to date with news, information and announcements please join our dedicated Facebook group. Click the button to take you straight to the page or search on Facebook: SupportingTheSupporters Sponsored Ride Sept’ 2019

We are pleased to be able to offer the Market Place along-side the Sponsored Ride; an arena of over 30 businesses and charities exhibiting their goods and services.

Open to the public
from 9:00am to 5:00pm
at Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre
Free Parking!


If you have any questions regarding the #SupportingTheSupporters Sponsored Ride and Market Place please contact us.

The organisation has been set up with its principle aim to provide reliable and effective practical aid and support to Front Line Emergency Services, Local Authorities and Communities during Public and National Emergencies, Major Incidents, Severe Weather Incidents and National Crisis. The Organisation also aims to aid in public education of safety and first aid campaign.


The ride could not take place without the kind permission & support of Mrs Fiona Gifkins, Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre

UK Emergency Support Services would particularly like to thank all volunteers for their help and support

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