About UK Emergency Support Services

The #SupportingTheSupporters Sponsored Ride and Market Place event has been organised to raise vital funds for UK Emergency Support Services

UK Emergency Support Services is a registered ‘Not for Profit’ organisation with wholly charitable purposes. The organisation is headed up by the founder and Managing Director Mark Hills and has been in development since February 2017, officially launching in June 2018.

The organisation has been set up with its principle aim to provide reliable and effective practical aid and support to Front Line Emergency Services, Local Authorities and Communities during Public and National Emergencies, Major Incidents, Severe Weather Incidents and National Crisis. The Organisation also aims to aid in public education of safety and first aid campaign.

In addition to its principle aim, UK Emergency Support Services provide Training services (such as First Aid, Safeguarding and Conflict Management), Event and Medical Services, Community Education and Welfare Services

The vision of UK Emergency Support Services is to have Response Teams based across the country, able to deploy a fully equipped response team to developing situations, anywhere in the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Operational Deployments can include, but are not limited to Community Flood Preparation Support, Post Flood Recovery Support, Severe Weather Support, General Practical and Medical Support and Assistance to the Emergency Services including staffing perimeter cordons and welfare support units, Welfare Support to members of the public during serious incidents.

UK Emergency Support Services members are drawn from all walks of life who have a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets with a common attribute shared by every one of them; the desire, passion and resolve to help victims of disasters and major incidents in the UK.

UK Emergency Support Services continue to welcome new application to volunteer with them and join their family, They offer roles within the following teams:

Emergency Response Team
Medical Team
Welfare Team
Education Team
Fundraising Team
Administrations Team
Events Team

If you are interested in applying for one of the roles and starting your volunteering journey, please contact us via email to recruitment@ukemergencysupport.org. You will then be sent an application pack to start your volunteering journey.

Volunteer Testimonies

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