How much does it cost to enter the ride?

It costs £20.00 to enter the ride. If you are booking online an additional 80p (pence) processing fee per rider is added to the booking.

How much sponsorship should I raise?

All sponsorship raised contributes a huge amount to the work of UK Emergency Support Services to continue supporting our front-line emergency services, authorities and communities. There is no minimum sponsorship amount required however all riders raising over £20.00 will receive their entry fee back. Every little extra helps.

  • £6 – will pay for an Emergency Responders personal pocket First Aid kit
  • £25 – will pay for the contents of a Welfare Team response bag
  • £50 – will pays for a volunteers initial training including basic First Aid
  • £150 – will pay for a fully kitted response bag for an Emergency Responder
  • £300 – will pays for an Emergency Responders full uniform kit
  • £500 – will pays for an all-weather temporary shelter for teams whilst on operational duties
  • £1000 – will pays for an Emergency Responders full uniform kit, initial training, a fully kitted response bag and specialist pre-hospital medical response training

What happens if I cancel, through injury or another reason?

Once registered, please let us know if you cannot take part. The entry fee is non-refundable, however rider places can be exchanged. If you would like to exchange riders, please contact info@stssr.co.uk

How old must I be to participate in the #SupportingTheSupporters Sponsored Horse Ride?

The minimum age of riders participating in this event is 8 years old and those between 8 and 15 years must be accompanied by an adult whilst on-site and throughout the ride. An adult must sign for any rider under 18 years of age and remains completely responsible for their safety and actions at all times.

Children aged 16-17 may complete the route on their own, provided that an adult signs for the rider at the beginning and end of the course and remains available to contact whilst the ride is underway.

Where does the ride go?

Starting and finishing at the Milton Keynes Eventing Centre, you have the choice of a 9 or 12 mile ride across scenic countryside and bridleways ending with a choice of entirely optional cross country jumps (ranging from 1ft to 4ft) plus purpose-built water jumps.

Please note, a very short part of the route passes over the M1 motorway. There are experienced marshals positioned either side of the bridge to assist you, if needed.

Start Times?

If you are booking online, you will be required to select your preferred start time. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Start-times will be published/confirmed on 19th August 2019

In the interests of safety, please adhere to this start time allocation. We will only allow exceptions to this in the event of traffic delays or other unforeseen circumstances. No riders will be permitted to start the course after the final closing time.

Is there overnight stabling?

If you wish to enter the #SupportingTheSupporters Sponsored Ride but live some distance away from the venue, we are delighted to advise that MKEC have offered to provide overnight stabling at a special rate of £15 per horse, per night. If you wish to reserve a space, please contact us at info@stssr.co.uk

Will you be taking any promotional photos or video that I should know about?

Simon Coates photography are the official event photographers for this ride. They will be on site throughout the day, and photographs will be available for purchase.

Any photos taken at the event by UK Emergency Support Services, or its representatives, may be used by UK Emergency Support Services for promotional purposes. Please contact us if you do not wish to be photographed.

I don’t want to enter online, can I apply by post?

You can enter into the ride by completing our Ride entry Postal Form and sending to:

Mark Punter
UK Emergency Support Services
45 Harborough Rd
Rushden, Northants
NN10 0LW

The closing date for postal entries is 17th August 2019

Can I bring dogs onto the site?

Dogs are welcome but must be on a short lead at all times, and owners must clean up after their dogs.

Do I need to hold public liability insurance if I’m riding?

Riders are required to have Public Liability Insurance, either through BHS Gold Membership or a separate insurance policy. Riders may be asked to provide proof of insurance

If you do not currently have Public Liability insurance we strongly recommend you purchase this through BHS.

I have further questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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