Rules and Conditions of Entry

All riders wishing to enter the sponsored ride must ensure they familiarise themselves with the Rules and Condition of Entry prior to booking their place.

The Rules and Conditions of Entry is available to download and print
The Medical Card is available to download and print

1) The Entry fee is non-refundable, except in the event of cancellation of the ride by the organisers due to low entries which would make the event financially non-viable to go ahead.
2) There is no requirement to raise sponsorship, however each rider raising over £20 will receive their entry fee back. Sponsorship money may be paid in cash or by cheque payable to UK Emergency Support Services.
3) The minimum age of riders participating in this event is 8 years old and those between 8 and 15 years must be accompanied by an adult whilst on-site and throughout the ride.
4) Children aged 16-17 may complete the route on their own, provided that an adult signs for the rider at the beginning and end of the course and remains available to contact whilst the ride is underway.
5) The minimum age for horses and ponies is 4 years old
6) All horses and ponies must be in good condition and fit enough to carry out the work required
7) The event organisers/committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any horse/pony which is in their opinion, not fit for purpose.
8) All tack must be in a safe, serviceable condition
9) All riders will be issued with a number card, which must be fixed to their person and visible at all times during the ride
10) Riders are required to have Public Liability Insurance, either through BHS Gold Membership or a separate insurance policy. Riders may be asked to provide proof of insurance
11) All riders must carry a medical card on their person, which is easily assessible (i.e. arm band / outside pocket). You can download and print the medical card on this website. A copy of the medical card must be handed into the administration point upon entry registration
12) Riding hats conforming to current standards must be worn and correctly fastened at all times when mounted:

    1. PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) which must have BSI Kitemark
    2. ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a) which must have SEI mark
    3. SNELL E2001 which must have official SNELL label and number
    4. AS/NZS 3838 (2006) which must have SAI Global mark

13) Fixed peak hats are not permitted
14) All riders must wear correct footwear
15) The wearing of body protectors and/or air jackets is optional, but body protectors are strongly recommended for those planning to jump.
16) Passing is permitted, however all riders must be considerate to others and ask before passing slowly
17) All riders must be aware of pedestrians and other riders on-site and around the course
18) All riders must adhere to the exact indicated/marked route at all times and follow the arrows. Riders must not stray onto farmland or maintained grass/lawns or verges
19) Instructions from the stewards/marshals must be obeyed. Riders should ride with consideration for others and the safety of all around. Anyone disobeying instructions will be asked to leave the course/site and no refund will be issued
20) Any rider seen to be riding irresponsibly will be asked to leave the event
21) On the cross-country course, riders should only attempt each jump that they feel confident in doing so safely
22) Only 3 attempts are permitted at each jump
23) All vehicles will be directed to park in designated areas. For everyone’s benefit please follow direction of the marshals
24) Riders must remove all rubbish and droppings from around the trailer/lorry
25) Dogs are welcome but must be on a short lead at all times, and owners must clean up after their dogs.
26) Everybody participating in the event, be they riders, spectators, organisers or helpers are to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions during the event.
27) Riders must not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
28) Riders can be exchanged at no extra fee with the correctly signed form and must be received by the organisers prior to the deadline of 24th August 2019
29) It is everyone’s responsibility to immediately report any real or potential hazards to a member of staff
30) The decision of the event management/committee is final
31) Photographs will be taken on the day and may be used for promotional purposes. Please contact the events manager at prior to the event if you are not willing for any images you appear in to be used for this purpose.
32) The organisers accept no liability for loss, injury or damage to any equine, person or their property and equipment, however caused
33) All those entering this event will be deemed to have accepted the above rules and conditions

Equine Flu Notice, Terms and Conditions

Given the recent outbreak of Equine Flu this year, it is necessary for the event organisers/committee to implement certain precautionary measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all equines participating as well as those who live on site. It is important that we are working to minimise the risk of infection.

While Influenza is no longer making newspaper headlines, it has been confirmed to us that the outbreak has reached epidemic status.

1) Up-to-date influenza vaccinations within 12 months are an obligatory condition of entry for the event
2) Horses will be accepted as long as the first two injections were completed before 31st August 2019 to allow the horse a week to recover.
3) Riders will be required to present their passport/vaccination certificate at registration showing the completed course of vaccination
4) Riders must ensure their horse remains in their transport until details have been validated.
5) Riders/Owners not presenting evidence of completed vaccinations will be asked to leave site immediately. A refund will not be issued.


Horse riding over man made and other obstacles is an inherently dangerous activity and all reasonable care and precautions must be taken by each rider to ensure that all riders, spectators, horses and property are not injured or damaged.

The Committee confirm that they have inspected the course and fences and have exercised reasonable care in satisfying themselves that the fences are safe and secure prior to making the course and fences available for use but except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the organisers/committee’s negligence no responsibility is accepted by the organisers/committee and their officials for any damage to persons, horses or property howsoever caused which should arise from
a) Defects in the course of fences not notified to the organisers/committee’s or any of their officials by the rider
b) Defects in the course or fences which manifest themselves after the course or fences are made available for use

During the course of an event it is possible that the fences or course may become less safe and secure. All riders shall be under a continuing duty to notify to the organisers/committee or any of their officials, damage which they cause to, or notice in, any fence or the course during the event and to notify any defects to the Committee as it not possible for the Committee to inspect each fence and the course after every rider has completed the course or any part of it.

UK Emergency Support Services, Organisers/committee and it’s officials and landowners shall be under no liability in respect of any damage caused to any person, horse or property howsoever caused including any defect in the course or fences arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence of any rider or others, or abnormal weather conditions, failure to follow the organisers or any official’s instructions (whether verbal or written) or the rulers.

Rider Disclaimer of Responsibility

By entering into the ride, you are confirming this acts as your agreement and signatory of the following disclaimer:

I confirm I do not hold UK Emergency Support Services, the organisers and their staff or the landowners responsible for any injury, damage or loss incurred as a result of the event. I also undertake to make good any loss or damage caused by my animals, vehicles, my assistants, or myself to stock or the environment whilst on this ride. I confirm that I do hold Third Party Liability Insurance and will be able to present proof of this when requested by member of staff on the day. I confirm I have read the rules above and agree to adhere to them.

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