The Cross-Country Course

The Cross-Country Course

The entirely optional cross-country course consists of over 100 fences and includes two water jumps and natural hedges

All of the jumps/fences are built to BE standard. The use of frangible pins in post and rails ensure the jumps are built in line with the latest safety principles.

Riders are offered five colour coded height ranges as follows:

  1. 30 jumps x 65 cm
  2. 30 jumps x 80 cm
  3. 35 jumps x 90 cm
  4. 40 jumps x 100 cm
  5. 40 jumps x 110 cm

There is a separate enclosed mini course available with inviting fences ranging from 12 inches to 60 cm for nervous riders/green horses.

There will be safety Marshals sited around the cross-country course who can provide assistance if required. All Marshals will have radio communication with the base station.

You can view the fences here:

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